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Interior four page printed inkjet on archival Ivory Wausau 120gsm

Dimensions: 290mm x 420mm

End papers Fern Green 160g/m2, high rag content, acid-free

Cover boards HMP 100% Acid free Cotton.

One word pamphlet pays homage to the French poet Guillaume  Apollinaire, whose Calligrammes: Poems of Peace and War 1913-1916 - a collection of visual shaped poetry where the words followed the form of an object or action. Noble over laps, stretches and changes the point size of the word Onomatopoeia into vertical bands making the word illegible although its visual appearance implies rain which alludes to Apollinaire’s poem “Il Pleut” (It Rains), in which the words of the poem flow diagonally down the page. The fragmented word in this case, which is about the sound of words, when read out load suggests a rain storm.

Onomatopoeia: For Apollinaire (2023)

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