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My artistic practice is a response to architecture and the natural environment that reflects on particular sites in the context of poetry and literature. The language games of Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges are the stimulus for numerous projects icluding his short narratives On the Exactitude in Science and The Library of Babel. Books, manuscripts and maps as objects are the foundation of my praxis and become the impetus for the transformations exemplified in my artist’s books, prints and drawings.


The artist's books often reflect on mapping and landscape interventions I have undertaken and provide more than a document but an extension of the projects. The typographical layout and spacial relationship between words on the page is a very significant aspect of my work. Therefore, those poets who employed innovative techniques in typography such as Mallarmé, Mayakovsky and Marinetti are my guiding spirits.

The source of my drawings are derived from writers that address the environment from ancient Greece to the present, some of whom include Heraclitus, Goethe, Nan Shepherd, MacDiarmid and Francis Ponge. These drawings are a mediation on the writers’ words that I  transpose into multiple layered  inscriptions. By hand-copying the lines, they become interwoven into random configurations transforming language into indecipherable calligraphic notations. A significant aspect of these palimpsests is the juxtaposition of the  patterns created between my notations in the original language and those of the English translations. In this case my drawing is informed by the tradition of illuminated manuscripts, Asian calligraphy and sutras in which text and image merge into one. 

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