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A set of 6 pamphlets each 8 pages plus cover

Size: H 105mm x W147mm

Text Greek & English printed inkjet on archival Wausau 120gsm Ivory

End papers Hand torn  Hahnemuhle - 160gsm Royal blue

Cover Bockingford Watercolour 190gsm

The surviving texts by the Greek pre-socratic philosopher Heraclitus (Herákleitos) are known as the Fragments of which there are approximately 130. The artist Alastair Noble has transformed six of these fragments into a series of booklets overlapping the Greek with the English translations interweaving them into random patterns transforming the words into indecipherable typographical notations.The numbering of each booklet follows the standard numerical system implemented by the Diels and Kranz (DK) who put together one of the earliest collections of the fragments in the early 1900s

Fragments-Heraclitus (2022)

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